I use quality materials and second to none stringing material. All of my silver plated metal findings are silver plated brass.

The string that a majority jewelry designers use is what's called a seven strand. What that is, is a metal wire wrapped with seven strands of nylon. Wholesale you can usually buy 1000 feet of it for about $25. The stringing material that I use is the metal wire wrapped with 49 strands of nylon. The string can literally be tied in knots and not break. (The seven strand kinks and breaks very easily.) The wholesale price for this? For 1000 feet is $149.

That's the kind of quality that you're getting from me.

Not every item that you see is built and ready to ship at point of purchase. The disease I have, along with osteoarthritis sometimes slows me down as far as building. So give me three business days to ship your jewelry items. Most will be shipped right away but occasionally there will be a little delay.